Helping Businesses Automate

Helping Businesses Automate

x•quic’s mission is to eliminate


in OTA overcharges

OTA Savings

No More Manual Reconciliations.

Discover overcharges by your OTAs in less than 15 seconds. Monitor your OTA commissions automatically.

Business Analytics

Replaces your daily email reports.

All your revenues across your properties available at any time on any device. Monitor your adjustments automatically. Track occupancy rate, ADR, RevPAR and more

Predict Your Month End.

Track the number of rooms you need to sell every day to make your targeted budget. Monitor your bookings automatically

Automatically balance your books every day.

Reconcile your revenues, taxes, payment and ledger balances. Monitor discrepancies automatically.

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Hotel Community

Take Control of your contracts.

Store, organize and view all your contracts safely and easily.

Forgot an important event?

Never miss an important deadline again.

You're not alone.

Collaborate with team members and others in your same role within the hospitality community.


Never Lose Another Item.

Share your inventory within your family of hotels. Seamlessly buy and sell from hotels without paying any fees.

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